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Building partnership is a strong foundation in the work we do with our clients and their horses. Creating and fine tuning a dialog and communication between you and your horse to better build trust, connection and relationship.  We skillfully help you to analyze and look at your relationship with your horse to better meet each others emotional, physical and spiritual needs. Creating harmony cadence and ease while in the saddle or on the ground.



Coaching you and your horse through various exercises to dissect and unravel any communication barriers that could be creating conflict or discomfort in you or the horse.


Be prepared to dive deep into your own personal experience while working with your horse. She will help you to strengthen and navigate your personal morality when it comes to pressure, dominance, and the ability to keep firm boundaries. Exercises in emotional regulation, breath work and understanding your own nervous system.

These sessions are best for those who are struggling with understanding their horses or unable to bond. Getting to know a new horse and building deeper trust and connection. Recovering from an incident and in need of relationship repair.  Those that love all things horses and are looking for an alternative path that goes deeper into the horse-human connection.


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Intuitive Horsemanship



The act of noticing and identifying our own nervous system’s patterns and the likeness it can be to a flight animal. To gage and find an understanding of our own bodies responses, resulting in the ability to navigate it. Learning to trust others and yourself through relationship.

A wide demographic of people can benefit from this work.

Kids, struggling to focus on small tasks, youth looking for purpose to a life that may feel meaningless, or struggle to understand those big overwhelming emotions. Adults who cannot find their voice, or how to show up more authentically.

This unique service, is offered to anyone with or with out horse experience, looking for something different outside a traditional therapy setting.


Through one on one sessions, weekend retreats as well as structured weekly programs we can build around your needs

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