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Caleb Smith Horsemanship



We hold a strong value in the fundamentals of horsemanship.


Using traditional Californio bridle horse and western performance horse development, we help the horse and rider develop balance, rhythm and fluidity undersaddle.  


Through coaching, training, what ever discipline, sport or activity you enjoy with your equine partner we can help you excel, discover and play.


About me

My goal for all the people and horses I work with is to build mutual relationships that foster willing, safe and versatile experience for both partners. Whatever the environment, I hope and trust that my training will give my horses the confidence they need to be respectful and trust my leadership.


I use a broad spectrum of horsemanship training methods such as relational horsemanship, western performance horse development and ranch work. I have been mentored by some of best horsewomen/men in the business over the last decade, owing what I know to those amazing teachers.


Obstacle racing or Extreme Cowboy has become a passion, and is my main sport of choice. I have competed in various levels from novice through to pro.  Winning  first and second place finishes, but most importantly advancing my skills along the way. I find obstacles to be crucial in developing confidence and ability for horses.


I love being able to put my horse into working environments. To feel all the effort come together with fluid communication and natural smoothness gives me a great sense of pride and accomplishment. Some of the best rides I've had have been working out on the farm. That's what its all about.

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