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For those of you who have never raced before, this is the perfect place to start. Caleb will go over the ground rules of Cowboy Challenge, how to score points as well as how to safely tackle each obstacle. He will also be there to assist if you or your horse may need some extra skills in your tool belt. You will have lots of chances to practice and feel confident going into Sundays race If you feel comfortable to do so, we highly encourage it, It's lots of fun.



If you choose to attend all 4 races, your points will be counted toward our end of year buckle series!! Those with the highest amount of points wins a big fancy silver belt buckle! You may win it for just attending every event...just sayin!


Clinic and Race schedule for the Buckle Series:

April 15/16

May 7/8

June 24/25

August 19/20 finals!

Mark it in your calendar!


You do not have to attend every clinic to enter the races, but it will definitely help! There are only 10 spots per clinic, I recommend you book your spots early. 


 We have 3 RACE divisions 

  1.  Youth- under 18

  2. Non-pro- anyone who does not collect money from working with horses

  3. Open- anyone AND for those who have collected money from working with horses

You can enter all three races if you meet the criteria, even just to collect some extra points!

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