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Colt starting for us starts and ends with the horses feeling confident and willing to work. We strongly believe that listening to the horse during the starting process allows the horse to find growth while not overwhelming them. The continued goal is find ways for the horse to build new skills in a way that leaves them happy to work again the next day.

Regardless of your goal, discipline or sport, your horse will be better suited for the next step in their life.


Timelines to meet these mile stones differ from horse to horse and are subject to change. We do not believe in pushing horses into training they are not ready for and will not back a colt prematurely.

Our assessment is broken down into three Levels so we can give you an understanding of how we work and the time it takes to create a willing riding horse. We are always sensitive to taking care of their emotional, mental and physical well-being.  


The horses always come first.

Level 1:

Fresh Start

Our 'Fresh Start' horses are those horses that have not yet built the foundation with humans and need extra time and a gentle skilled hand to introduce them to their new world of domestication.
This package is for weanlings, colts, feral horses, horses that may have experienced trauma, may be showing some holes in their foundation of training or just need a complete from scratch start.
We will cover
Catching, haltering, leading:
Willingness to connect and follow feel with and with out halter
Accept halter
Leaving herd mates
Introduce new environments:
Round Pen
Calm reaction to:
Touch all over
Stick and string
Standing quietly:
Feet handled and trimmed (costs apply)
Vet checked (cost apply)


$1600/m includes

Full Board
Daily Handling, Care and Maintenance
Custom Training Program
Videos, Pictures, Unlimited Updates and Communication

We specialize in
Horse Sales and Rehoming
Introduction to Riding and Ground work
Mind, Body and Soul rehabilitation
Problem Solving for concerning behaviours

After thorough consultation, colts will be assessed as to which packages will set them and their owners up for success


Please review our 3 stages in training below


Level 2:

Working Start

(must complete level 1 upon assessment)

Our 'Working Start' horses are ready and prepped for learning. Their bodies and minds are starting to mature and develop. Their riders are excited to get in the saddle and start their journey with their partner. Once given the go ahead by completing their level one, we can now introduce the concept of work.


This package is for young horses ready for the next step in training, newly purchased horses whose training may be unknown, reactive sensitive horses, horses that may have been on an over extended break from training. 

We will cover


Willingness at liberty as well as on-line:

Back up

Hind quarter yields left and right

Shoulder yields left and right

Send off

Shut down/Stop

Change of Directions

Walk, Trot, Canter with cue

Understanding of Path and Direction

Head position and engagement of the hind end


Standing tied:

In tie stall

Wash stall



Hitching rail


Ground tie while being saddled:




Rider weight


Carry a bit if requested (with vet check and teeth float) otherwise introduce 3/4 inch Bosal


Willingness to move forward freely

Turn left, right

Change of direction


Back up

Move off the leg


Level 3:

Finished Start

(must complete level 1 and 2 upon assessment)

one on one coaching and mentorship from both Caleb and/or Lindsay for the rider available at this stage at extra cost


Our 'Finished Start' is where the partnership blossoms! Horse and rider find rhythm safety and connection within their movement. The horse is ready to explore the world and refine their skills.


This package is for newly started horses, horses that need extra confidence and skill building, trail horses starting arena work, or as a rider, wanting to expand your knowledge on how you can help your horse to carry itself with cadence and grace.

We will cover 

Introduce 1/2 inch bosal or appropriate bit (by request) for riding


In-hand and in saddle: 

In depth understanding of:



Head placement

Self-carriage through engaging hind end

Controlled transitions


Lateral work:

Side pass

Leg Yield

Shoulder in Shoulder out

Hip Control


Introduction to obstacles


Safe and secure in various environments:



Round pen


Trailer loading

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