Spiders Pumpkinspice



Registered Foundation Bred


Punkin is a fantastic, safe, trustworthy and engaging little mare. She’s the first to the gate, always happy to work and is surefooted like a mountain goat. Confident, safe and loving she will take you all the places; keeping you safe high up into the mountains, working back down into the arena, winning you ribbons in the show ring or working with you around the ranch. You’ll have a hard time finding this unicorn again and seeing her go will be a hard day for us.


She was born with Caleb and has spent the majority of her life with him. She’s a 2017, registered Appaloosa under the name Spiders Pumkinspice. Bred from foundation stock imported from Oregon. I personally know the stud, mare and Breeder. She’s 14hh but with the energy, heart and stamina of a horse twice her size. She’s almost pony sized so best suited for someone smaller in stature.


She is quiet enough for a novice but can be a bit thick if she feels the rider doesn’t have the ability or knowledge to get her going. She has completed our Colt Starting program with flying colours, is proficient with obstacles and is currently training for reining and cow-horse manoeuvres. Is fluid at walk, trot, canter in or out of the arena. She’s ridden bareback all over the country and is now now playing with bridle-less manoeuvres.   She is ready to take on whatever discipline that is presented to her.  Backcountry trails, obstacles, jumping etc etc etc.. Punkin is willing and excited to get going!


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Lil Joe 'Joseph'


Red Roan

Registered AQHA


Just shy of 16'2 red roan gelding 14 years old. Puppy dog personality and lovely to ride.

He is safe and comfortable for a confident novice rider.

Great for learning horsemanship, light introductory arena work and outings on the trail. He has had a wonderful slow paced life in training and is eager and willing to connect with his people. 

He has flown through our Colt Starting program, spent many years as a therapy horse,  beginner lesson horse, and has an introduction to bridle horse development.  

He is confident in his training and is ready to find his last stop forever home and partner. Best suited for a more casual rider looking for a best bud to wonder around with. 

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